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Customized Outdoor Shelters for Retail Businesses This Holiday Season

Retail businesses this holiday season are expanding their footprints with custom outdoor shelters to reel in foot traffic.
5 months ago

Why Schools Need E-Z UP Custom Canopy Tents

E-Z UP is the premier supplier of custom canopy tents for schools needing to provide a safe outdoor shelter for operations this school year.
6 months ago

Enjoy the E-Z UP Experience: Award-Winning Custom Printing

E-Z UP's commitment to custom digital printing excellence is why they’ve been winning the SGIA Golden Image Award for seven years running.
6 months ago

E-Z UP Custom Canopy Tents for Outdoor Dining

 Personalized canopies can help your outdoor-dining service stand out on a busy street with your signature logo and brand colors. Draw in a crowd with custom tents. 

7 months ago

Create a Better Family Camping Trip | Tips & Accessories

Heading out to the great outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and experience magical nights under the stars has been a favorite pastime for families for generations. If you're getting ready to go camping with your family and enjoy the simplicity of nature, be sure to take your time to plan and prepare for the family camping trip adequately.

7 months ago

How E-Z UP Emergency Shelters & Custom Printing Can Help in Hard Times

Investing in a durable and custom branded shelter alongside a range of business distancing solutions will ensure your business is compliant and well represented. Fortunately, E-Z UP® is here to help.

8 months ago

UNDER THE E-Z UP, BJ's Restaurants and Brewhouse

BJ's Restaurants are making a pleasant outdoor dining experience for their customers with E-Z UP Shelters.

9 months ago


E-Z UP: What is the biggest misconception about “growing up Hollywood”?

Beverley: I think the biggest misconception about Growing Up in Hollywood is that we all have had these crazy lives, filled with partying and such. I have always been a pretty grounded and somewhat boring homebody. I would much rather hang at home and be with my family than being out with a group of people.

10 months ago


Co-owners and sisters Jennifer Nap and Kathryn Nap of Two Saucy Broads Pizza and Beer Parlor haven’t had the opportunity to operate much of a “parlor” for several months now. June marks their pizzeria’s nine-year anniversary, so they may have survived the “seven-year itch”, but that was nothing compared to the challenges 2020 brought small businesses. Like all restaurants over the last few months, they’ve had to close the dining room, but luckily pizza and delivery are a natural combination. Plenty of businesses would have stopped there, right? But this joint was aptly named by and for it’s co-founders, and so the “Two Saucy Broads” were proactive from day one with new menu items, aggressive digital strategy, and curbside pickup under their full-bleed, digitally printed E-Z UP® shelter which started going up out front every day.

10 months ago

5 Restart Tips For Every Small Business

Most businesses have been seriously impacted by this pandemic, and small businesses have taken the hardest hit.  Despite stimulus packages and relief measures, many entrepreneurs and small business owners are left asking, “what now?”  Adapting to this unanticipated “new normal” will be challenging.  Push forward and find a path to growth.  These easy to execute tips will get your creative juices flowing.

11 months ago