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We know what it takes to grow your business. We started as the original provider of Instant Shelter® products more than 30 years ago and are still No. 1 in the world. With a focus on innovation, quality, ease of use, and customer service, our goal is to help you maximize your brand and message.

We have Instant Shelter® products for everyone – from the entrepreneur just starting out to the large international corporation. Our extensive line of customizable shelters, tables, chairs, flags, banners, and accessories is made to take your business and brand to the next level.


"I love my E-Z UP® shelter. We used it at farmers markets all spring through fall …I love the sides, which break the cold wind."

– Carolyn White, Owner of Honey’s Acres Farm

E-Z UP Business
E-Z UP Business

"We couldn't be happier with the style and quality of the E-Z UP® products."

– Oscar Camacho, Owner of Camacho’s Southern Style BBQ

"I'm very happy with the E-Z UP® brand. They meet my needs and put up with my rough traveling style! I like that I can set this up solo and quickly!"

– Annecatette Zeoli, Owner of Autdemna Jewelers

E-Z UP Business
E-Z UP Business

"They are a great product for us to have for branding as well as something reliable that we can make investments in and know we are going to have it for a few years versus something that is just going to break after a couple events."

– Fred Lynch, Director of Marketing for ARC Audio

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